Specialist Leaders of Education

Interested in becoming an SLE?

If you’re an experienced middle or senior leader who’s interested in supporting middle and senior leaders in other schools, you may wish to apply to become an SLE – a Specialist Leader of Education


We recruit SLEs to provide support to staff and teams in our alliance and across different phases.

To become an SLE with Matrix you must apply in designated application rounds. The next round will be closed for the unforeseeable future due to the current Covid 19 pandemic.

To become an SLE, you will need to provide evidence that you understand what outstanding leadership practice in your area of expertise looks like. You will also need to demonstrate that you know how to support other leaders to do the same in their own context.

In future rounds we will clarify what areas we will be recruiting SLE’s to support with.


SLE Prospectus

SLE Fact Sheet

SLE Application

SLE Application Guidance

If you require any further information or are interested in submitting an application,  please contact Alan Kealy at alankealy@matrixtsa.co.uk or 01773602198

Matrix SLE’s 

Fliss Hayden

Charlotte McKee

Katie Davis

Lauren Holloway

Nicola Price

Russ McKee

Katie Turner

Kathryn Hughes